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Here are some of the Icelandic words, that we use on our homepage. This is to help you a little on our Icelandic pages, because we cannot have all the information's in English ! If you can, you should print this out to have by your site, when you are looking at our website, and while your at it you could maybe learn some Icelandic !! J  

Bútasaumur : Patchwork
Fataefni : clothing fabrics
Bækur : books
Snið : patterns
Starfsfólk : our staff
Mottur : rugs
Námskeið : courses
Bls : pages ( how many )
Applikera : appliqué
Póstur : e-mail
Til baka : back
Panta : order
Bútasaumsteppi : quilt
Efni : fabrics
Fréttir : News
Húsgögn : Furniture